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Crimped Wire Mesh

Quarry/Mining Carbon Steel Crimped Wire Mesh

Mining and quarry crimped wire mesh are available in rolls or standard panels or cut to size with or without hook strips. Vibrating screens for wet and dry applications, different wires.


Carbon Steel Crimped Wire Mesh

A carbon steel crimped wire mesh is a type of wire mesh made from carbon steel wires that are crimped or woven together to form a sturdy and durable mesh structure.

The crimping process involves bending the wires at regular intervals to create a series of ridges or waves, which interlock with each other when the mesh is woven. This crimped design enhances the strength and stability of the mesh, making it suitable for various applications.

Carbon steel is a commonly used material for crimped wire mesh due to its strength, affordability, and good resistance to corrosion. The mesh can be further treated with galvanization or other coatings to enhance its corrosion resistance properties.

Crimped wire mesh offers several features and benefits:

Strength and durability: The crimped design and carbon steel construction make the mesh robust and capable of withstanding heavy loads and mechanical stresses.

Versatility: The mesh can be easily cut, shaped, and formed to fit specific requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Filtration and sieving: The crimped wire mesh with its uniform openings and precise mesh count is commonly used for filtration, sieving, and separating applications. It effectively screens and filters particles, allowing for the passage of desired materials while retaining unwanted particles.

Protection and security: The sturdy construction of the crimped wire mesh provides a reliable barrier, making it useful for security applications such as window guards, fencing, and enclosures.

Ventilation and airflow: The open structure of the crimped wire mesh allows for the passage of air, making it suitable for ventilation systems, air vents, and air filtration applications.

Decorative purposes: The distinctive crimped pattern of the mesh adds an aesthetic appeal, making it suitable for architectural and decorative applications, including interior design elements and artistic installations.


Industrial filtration and sieving: The precise and uniform openings of the crimped wire mesh make it ideal for applications such as filtering and sieving materials in industries like mining, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical processing. It effectively separates particles of different sizes and allows for the controlled flow of materials.

Mining and quarrying: Carbon steel crimped wire mesh is widely used in the mining and quarrying industry for various purposes. It can be used as screens for vibrating machines, trommel screens, and conveyor belts to classify and separate different sizes of rocks, minerals, and aggregates.

Construction: Crimped wire mesh finds applications in the construction industry. It is used as reinforcement in concrete structures to provide strength, prevent cracking, and improve the overall durability of the construction.

Agriculture: In agricultural settings, crimped wire mesh is used for fencing, animal enclosures, and bird cages. It provides a sturdy and reliable barrier to protect crops, livestock, and poultry.

Automotive: Carbon steel crimped wire mesh is used in automotive applications, such as radiator grilles, air intake screens, and engine guards. It provides protection while allowing for sufficient airflow to cool the engine components.

Security and safety: The strength and durability of crimped wire mesh make it suitable for security applications. It can be used for window guards, door screens, fencing, and barriers to enhance security and prevent unauthorized access.

Architectural and decorative uses: Crimped wire mesh is often utilized for architectural and decorative purposes. It can be incorporated into building facades, partitions, balustrades, and interior design elements to add a visually appealing and unique aesthetic.

HVAC systems and ventilation: The open structure of crimped wire mesh allows for the passage of air, making it suitable for use in HVAC systems, air vents, and ventilation applications. It helps to control airflow, filter out impurities, and ensure proper ventilation in various environments.

Quarry/Mining Carbon Steel Crimped Wire Mesh


Material: High carbon steel 65Mn,45#,50#,55#,60#,70#,72A

Wire diameter: 1.37mm-12.7mm

Aperture/Opening: 2mm to 100mm,tolerance +-3%

Width: 1m-3.5m

We can customized stainless steel wire mesh products
by your drawing and requirements

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