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Welded Mesh

Concrete Reinforcing Welded Mesh Panel

Concrete Reinforcing Mesh also known as steel concrete reinforcing mesh, welded wire fabric, ribbed steel bars welded mesh and so on. Be made from cold reduced Wire or cold rolled ribbed bars(CRB550), It is in the same or different diameters of the vertical and horizontal steel bars, and has a rectangular or square apertures and is produced in flat sheets.


Welded Wire Mesh For Concrete

Welded reinforcement concrete mesh is one heavy type welded wire mesh products, widely used in concrete, construction and buildings. Cracks in concrete reinforcing products or soft ground is used for the purpose of reinforcing the foundation. To make an array of horizontal and vertical lines in a manner perpendicular to the intersection with electric resistance welded grid sheet bonded.


Wide range of diameters (from 3 mm to 5 mm).

Economy in terms of reinforcement due to the high strength of the cold drawn wire.

Saves time and money.

Strong welded joints.

Uniformity in the spacing between wires.

Possibility of equivalence with traditional reinforcement.


Structural flat slabs or in slabs with beam slab construction.

Large area floor slabs on ground, pavements, airport runways, aprons to achieve crack-free joint less surfaces.

Concrete elements of curved or difficult shapes such as arches, domes, lotus petals.

Precast elements which are thin or are difficult to reinforce such as curved arch flat members, Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shells, folded plate roof girders, fins.

Concrete Reinforcing Welded Mesh Panel



Wire diameter3mm 4mm 4.8mm 5mm 6mm or as your requirement
Mesh size75x75mm, 50x50mm 100x100mm, 150x150mm or as your request
Panel size1000x2000mm, 1579 x2254mm, or as your request
Surface treatmenthot dip galvanized before/after welded, electrio galvanized before/ after welded, pvc coated and powder coated
ApplicationsWire Fencing And Building Material
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