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Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belts are intended to be used for handling various abrasive materials with high ease and safety. These conveyor belts can easily bear a great amount of load and have superior impact strength. These belts are provided with strong transmission chain along with their lengths for smooth movement. They are also suitable to be used under extremely high-temperature conditions without any deformation and wear.

Low maintenance, easy to clean and install, excellent air circulation.


● wire belts can be applied in almost any applications

● carry light to heavy loads

● run straight without guidance

● can working at low to high temperatures

● resistant to acid, alkaline, chemical corrosion, abrasion

● smooth conveying surface

● long service life


● Food baking, cooling and freezing.

● Chemical industry.

● Sieving.

● Sorting.

● Washing.

● Drying.

● Drainage.

● Annealing.

● Cooking.

● Heating.

● Cladding.

● Blanching.

● Washing.

● Frying.

● Loading.

MaterialSUS 201 304 316
Wire diameter1 to 3 mm
Rod diameter4 to 12 mm
Spiral wire pitch3 to 20 mm
Chain pitch19.05mm 25.4mm 31.75mm 38.1mm 50.8mm 76.2mm or customized
Width0.2m to 4m
Rod pitch5 to 30 mm

We can customized stainless steel wire mesh products
by your drawing and requirements

Our factory was established in 2008, it is now developed into a focus on production, development and sales of stainless steel wire mesh as one of modern science and technology enterprises

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