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Deep Processing

Deep processing filter is a high -performance metal mesh filter material that has been specially processed, which is widely used in industrial filtering, medical and health, food processing and other fields. It has the following main characteristics:

High -precision mesh distribution

Deep -processed filters adopt precision stamping or laser cutting processes to make the size and distribution of the mesh more evenly consistent, thereby improving the filtering accuracy and efficiency.

Surface enhancement treatment

Through chemical corrosion and anode oxidation, the porous structure of the metal silk surface has greatly increased the effective filtration area and improved the flow of liquidity and capture efficiency.

Good anti -pollution performance

The metal wire surface is specially treated with hydrophobicity, smoothness, and ion erosion tolerance to ensure that the filter is not easy to be polluted by impurities and extend the service life.

High temperature resistance, high pressure, corrosion

Made of high -quality metal materials such as stainless steel, nickel chromium alloy, and titanium can adapt to the use of harsh high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environment.

Good intensity and impact resistance

The mesh structure gives a good comprehensive intensity, and it is not easy to deform and damage even at high flow speed.

Customized production

By adjusting parameters such as material, mesh size, processing process, deep -processing filters of various specifications and models can be customized according to customer needs.

We can customized stainless steel wire mesh products
by your drawing and requirements

Our factory was established in 2008, it is now developed into a focus on production, development and sales of stainless steel wire mesh as one of modern science and technology enterprises

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